Expert At-Home Tanning Tips

With more time being spent indoors, we still want to glow. Let’s use this time wisely and learn how to glow-from-home with our Global Tanning Expert Alexandra DiMarchi

Lex spends her day-to-day tanning some of your fave influencers and celebs, so naturally she’s got all the insider info you need for a next-level glow up. We caught up with Lex to learn her top tips when tanning at home:

Global Tanning Expert Alexandra DiMarchi

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All of this time at home is perfect for a full-body exfoliation!

This is an essential step to a flawless tan that is often hurried or overlooked. Focus on ankles, underarms, neck, décolleté using the Glyco Water. Liquid exfoliating is gentle and won’t leave your skin feeling irritated. These are areas that you should pay particular attention to:

  • Neck – This removes any build up from Face drops, Super Glow, using Water as a setting spray, makeup bronzer etc.
  • Underarms – This is the most common area people complain about build up!
  • Décolleté – So important when wearing a low-cut dress or shirt… Be sure to have a smooth application in this area!
  • Ankles – This is a drier area that can experience a lot of build up

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Practice how to tan your hands – This is my step by step guide:

  • To prep:

    • First, apply lotion. Your hands are super dry and the tan can over-develop here- this creates a barrier.
    • If you’re tanning with natural nails – apply a thin layer of clear polish or use more lotion here as an extra layer of protection.
    • Apply lotion to the wrist areas to ensure an even transition

    Time to tan:

    • Spray the water 2-3 times across your hands about 8 inches away. Make sure to get all angles!
    • Use a cleansing wipe to remove lotion/product from your knuckles & nails
    • Buff product in with a body buffer or blending brush. This step blends product evenly into hands and helps prevent any harsh development
    • Use a cleansing wipe to remove any product from your palms. I like to add an extra step of cleansing water, just to be safe! Stained palms are a dead giveaway. I follow this up by folding the wipe to gently remove excess product from your wrist- this ensures an even transition vs a sleeve/harsh line (you know what I mean!).
    • Finally, use the buffer to buff the product into your skin around the wrist and on top of your hands to keep things looking natural

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Use this time to experiment with products:

Clients always tell me they wonder how many drops of The Face or The Body their skin can handle… and right now is the perfect time to play with them! My tip is to apply 6-8 drops on one leg and 8-12 on the other. Then you can compare and see which finish you like best!

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Know which product is right for you:

This is by far the easiest way to tan at home, perfect for anyone with a hectic schedule of working/or having their kids at home. It’s easy to drop the Face or Body into moisturizer, instead of having an additional step of using The Water or Hydra Mousse for a full tanning routine.

If you’re obsessed with glowing, hydrated skin- you’ve got to go with a gradual formulation like the Butter or the Gradual. Your tan looks better and lasts longer when your skin is hydrated. Replacing your normal body moisturizer with a gradual tanner for a couple days each week is such an easy way to glow.

Skipping out on your foundation or tinted moisturizer? Try replacing it with Super Glow! This will give your skin a break from makeup, while still maintaining glow & evening out skin-tone!

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Thanks Lex! Click here to learn about some of our tanning FAQ’s

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