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Sleep Oil

Rejuvenating Miracle Tanning Oil


Sleep Oil is the ultimate gradual tanning facial oil, blending the nourishing benefits of a rich, overnight oil with self-tanner for a gradual glow.  

Restorative and fast absorbing, use before bed for radiant, recharged and rejuvenated skin by morning. The luxe texture is ultra-hydrating, helping to seal in skin’s moisture so you wake up glowing.




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6 reviews for Sleep Oil

  1. Julie morris

    well such a speedy delivery for starters amazed
    tried last night amazed by results healthy glow overnight very natural would recomend may even try the body lotion at some point

  2. Victoria Bell

    This sleeping oil is absolutely amazing! It has the nicest texture and feels so good on the skin, it as well smells amazing and goes into the skin very fast.

    The tan as well is amazing and so natural looking! I’m in love!

    Just one tip for the beginners: Remember to wash your hands after using the oil, so you don’t tan your hands too much 🙂

  3. Margaret McCulloch

    I’ve bought the sleep oil and before that the Tan Lux and have loved both of them for different reasons. The Tan Lux is amazing to use with your own moisturiser which when you add the Tan lux to it you actually use less moisturiser. The glow on my skin is amazing and it looks so healthy too I only use a few drops and the colour tone is beautiful. With the sleep oil it’s so simple too use and the video on your web site is great for people who buy the product for the first time. Again a few drops produces such an incredible healthy glow on my skin and I get compliments daily about how healthy I look plus the colour last and I only need to use the drops for both Sleep oil and Tan Lux every 4/5 days so it last for ever and does streak and looks so natural. I’ve tried numerous other facial tan products and not one has been as good as these. I’m now going to try another one of the products. I would
    highly recommend everyone trying these products I guarantee if you do you’ll never be without it

  4. Natalie Gwilliam

    This product is amazing, I’ve almost finished my first bottle and what can I say but everything about is is brilliant. I have very unforgiving sensitive skin and I use this oil most nights. My skin feels plump and youthful and the glow is beautiful. I get up in the morning and instead of feeling washed out I have that holiday glow even in winter. I definitely recommend this lovely sleep oil, if you purchase you won’t be disappointed

  5. Sandra Schena

    I was shocked to see the results of the face oil. In the summer I tan very quickly. Now using this product in the spring gives
    me a jump start to my tan. I love this product.

  6. Lynn M

    Having tried many tanning products in the past, I am so pleased that I tried Tan Luxe. I use the sleep oil, and its great. The product does not stay on the surface, but sinks in, and in the morning gives you a natural glow that increases with use. I love it! Wouldn’t be without it!

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