Raspberry Seed Oil

Present in EVERY Tan-Luxe formulation, it would be pretty rude of us not to introduce our hero ingredient:

Meet Raspberry Seed Oil.

Known as our everything oil, we couldn’t live without it. In the classic James Cameron movie Titanic: we’re Kate, it’s Leo, and you can bet we’re NEVER letting go. The reason for our undying love, you ask? On a basic level, this is a super-oil that’s hydrating and oh so rich in essential fatty acids, plus Vitamins A, C & E – which function as powerful antioxidants.

Quick sidebar: What actually is an antioxidant?
In skincare, an antioxidant is a substance that works to defend skin against pollution & environmental damage, working on a deep, cellular level to improve skin’s daily function. The benefits of this are 5-fold and include:
· Anti-pollution
· Firming
· Brightening
· Soothing
· Anti-ageing

Within each of our formulations, raspberry seed oil hydrates & nourishes working as part of a team to counter the drying effects typically associated with self-tanning, whilst making a huge difference to the overall look & feel of skin.

Plus, raspberry oil is actually the inspiration behind our signature Tan-Luxe fragrance. That amazing smell when you use The Face, The Body, and your other faves? Yep, that’s raspberry oil!

Shop EVERYTHING with Raspberry Seed Oil now.

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