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You love Super Glow Body as much as we do. So much so, that our superfood, hyaluronic self-tan body serum has ALREADY sold out twice at Sephora and now on our own site too. While we wait on the restock, we thought we’d recap some of our frequently asked questions on our latest launch! Here’s the 411:

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How should I apply Super Glow Body for best results?

So the pump applicator really does make application a breeze. You can apply Super Glow Body daily for a natural glow or just once per week in-between self-tan sessions to keep a bronzed tan hydrated and glowing- it all depends on what & when works with your existing regime. The formulation is so lightweight and spreadable, so a little truly does go a long way. Just apply 2-6 pumps directly to skin as you would a moisturiser or body serum, remembering to wash your hands afterwards!

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Should I shave/exfoliate before I apply Super Glow Body?

It’s not necessary to exfoliate each time before you apply Super Glow Body, but when you choose to do so- we always recommend using a chemical exfoliator over a physical one. This is purely for the reason that it’s much gentler on the skin- try using our Glyco Water once per week. It contains an effective level of glycolic acids, and mists directly onto the skin for easy application! Just apply before you jump in the shower to slough away remnants of old tan and prime the skin for a fresh application. It’s hydrating, smoothing and softening all in one. When it comes to shaving, again you don’t need to switch up your regular routine- all we advise is that you do so up to 24 hrs before you tan, so your pores have the chance to settle.

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Why Hyaluronic Acid?

Super Glow Body’s high-performing formulation is focused primarily on hydration and skincare-led benefits, delivering a gradual glow that can be used daily. Our signature Hyaluronic Complex found in both Super Glow & Super Glow Body serums, combines both a high weight Hyaluronic Acid & extremely low molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate to achieve hydration binding across multiple layers of the skin. This enables multi-level, lasting hydration & minimises trans-epidermal water loss, resulting in a dewier, plumper look & feel to skin.

Read more on Hyaluronic Acid HERE. 

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How is it different to the Super Glow facial serum?

Last summer, we launched our bestselling Super Glow serum and it was such a hit with beauty editors, influencers and of course our wonderful TAN-LUXE customers. We received a lot of requests from people asking if they could apply the face product to their body and we realised there was so much more to the concept of hyaluronic, superfood tanning. People want a healthy, hydrated glow for all over, not just their face! That’s where the idea for Super Glow Body came from- we then supercharged the formulation with caffeine for amazing firming benefits so it’s tailored to perform on that area. It’s like using your favourite skincare on your body.

Two bottles of Tan Luxe Super Glow

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