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The Butter

Illuminating Gradual Tanning Butter


The Butter is a 4-in-1 skin treat that replenishes, hydrates, perfects, and illuminates all while creating a gradual glow. If you like a rich body moisturizer, this is the tan for you.



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9 reviews for The Butter

  1. Chris

    No patches even colour, last a good week and more and went on very easy using gloves. One question I have, I’m planning a family holiday late summer abroad, I have this fear that when I go into the hotel swimming pool I will leave a trail of brown around me. Can anyone help with this. When I shower each morning a small amount will come off which is why I’m asking this question. Thank you.

  2. Laura Greenaway

    I have used this tanning butter twice, the colour is beautiful and very natural looking. I am medium skintone and the tone was lovely and golden with just two coats. My skin felt hydrated and soft and I loved the fragrance. As the colour faded there were no uneven marks or the crocodile skin you sometimes see. No problem with sensitivity at all and the tan lasted for almost a week on me, I did moisturise (with a normal body lotion) every day to keep it going. I washed my hands after the first use but I did see very slight colour on my palms, 2nd time I used an exfoliator and it worked a treat. Love, love love this product and will buy again. I highly recommend it:heart: I am going to use it twice a week through the summer and may add a 3rd coat if I am going to a special occasion..

  3. Lauren Williams

    I have absolutely found my ultimate tanning product with The Butter – seriously, just wow! I’m not a fan of a heavy tan, instead I prefer a natural golden glow and this is totally what you get with The Butter.

    It’s super easy to apply (I personally don’t use a mitt, I like to rub the product in and make sure it’s evenly applied) and I’ve never had a problem with orange hands or nasty streaks. It really is that simple to use. An unexpected love is the very subtle shimmer through the product. It makes my skin look amazing and healthy (which is what all Glaswegions need!) and it definitely helps to moisturise my skin as well as giving the glow. Oh and it doesn’t have that nasty fake tan smell, even the next morning when you wake up (unstained sheets – bonus).

    So yeah, I’m a big fan and I plan to never run out!

  4. Jasmine dotson

    I am already on my third bottle of The Butter and I cannot get enough. It is super hydrating, gives a gorgeous glow and even on my pale skin, it develops a beautiful tan! I use it on my face when I apply it and use the Face Drops in between applications. The raspberry seed oil in this product keeps the yucky post-tan smell to a minimum which is really hard to do! I will continue to repurchase this product again and again, it has become a holy grail!!

  5. Lesley Young

    This body butter is by far the best tanning product I have ever used . It applies very easily and lasts for at least a week. The product gives a beautiful illuminating tan just as it says . I topped it up once during the holiday and loved the golden glow it gave me . I am now a Tan Luxe fan and intend to try many more of their products .

  6. Jane Goddard

    I received this product in a pack with facial drops. Having only used the drops before wasn’t going to use the gradual tan but gave it a try, so please I did I am converted to this immediately. It is so easy to apply and leaves me with an amazing colour. Very impressed

  7. Jane Goddard

    I have been using tan luxe drops which are added to your body lotion for at least 2 yrs now and received a tanning butter with my last delivery. Wasn’t going to bother using it as I love the drops. So pleased I have it a go, it’s amazing. Very easy to apply. Streak free and the most amazing tan I have ever had with fake tan. It is lasting about 2 weeks so I use it weekly so the depth of the tan stays the same, no fading.

  8. Jordan

    It’s easy to apply but it’s not very hydrating. It smells like all sunless tanner. As far as I can tell there’s nothing particularly special about this lotion except for the expensive price tag.

  9. Tracy

    I’ve just found this product in my draw I bought it and not used it due to being ill for a long time. I’m now to busy to sit around in the sun. And this my friends is one of the best tans I’ve ever had so even and a beautiful golden colour. Smells lovely. I’m so pleased oh and it lasts dose not go patchy after a few days I’m hooked. Good luck you won’t look back

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