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Hi! I’m Katie, the Social Media Manager here at Tan-Luxe! I decided to get serious about my skincare routine after college and went 0 to 100.  I have tried EVERYTHING out there, and I’m here to give you my absolute, ride-or-die, skincare faves. Seriously I can’t live without any of these products, so I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Cleanser: I like cleansing balms and oils more than traditional cleansers.  I have very dry skin so I like for my cleanser to leave my skin feeling hydrated instead of stripped.

Elemis Cleansing Balm: This cleansing balm is amazing for removing makeup and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated after.  The scent is amazing – it smells like roses but isn’t too overpowering.  Sometimes I leave the balm on my skin for 10 mins as a hydrating treatment!

DHC Cleansing Oil: It might sound scary to cleanse your face with an oil but it’s actually a luxurious experience! It is a light weight formula that washes off completely and won’t leave a film on your skin.

Tatcha Rice Polish: When my skin needs a more serious clean I go for the Tatcha Rice Polish. It is a powder that once activated with water turns into a gentle exfoliating foam. It’s perfect for travel since it’s not a liquid too! I also love the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which is a very similar product!

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Toner: In this step I like to focus on resurfacing and minimizing my pores. I have tried so many different toners but these are my tried and true.

Biologique Recherche p50v: This is a cult favorite for a reason.  If you can get past the smell (it’s not great) then this toner is a 10/10.  I’ve tried a few of the formulas and found that p50v was the best for my dry skin.  When I use this constantly I notice my skin is brighter and tighter.

Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peel Pads: These are so amazing for a little chemical exfoliation.  They are individually wrapped so you can easily throw a few in a cosmetic bag if you’re going on a trip.  I focus the pads on my nose and chin where my pores are most congested.  My skin always feels fresh and prepped for serum after using these.

La Mer The Tonic: This toner is hydrating and super refreshing,  I love to use it after microneedling because it’s packed with La Mer’s “Miracle Broth” which is a mixture of sea kelp, vitamins and looks of other anti aging ingredients and leaves your skin looking so glowy.

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Serum/Oil: This is definitely my favorite skincare category.  I could probably add 20 more to this list but these are my essentials that I’ve restocked over and over again.

Joanna Vargas Rescue Serum: This is hands down, my favorite vitamin C.  I have tried them alllll and felt like each one either smelled weird or left my skin feeling tacky.  Rescue serum goes on nicely and makes my skin feel so soft.  I have really noticed a difference in the dark spots on my cheeks and I recommend it for anyone looking for brightening!

Sunday Riley UFO: This is a clarifying dry oil with salicylic acid and tea tree oil and is AMAZING for clearing congested pores. I use a little bit of this nightly on my nose and chin to keep the blackheads away.  The smell is a bit medicinal but I actually really love it.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum: This oil has 22 active organic botanicals mixed with powerful essential oils.  It’s GOOD. It helps to soothe my skin and I love the earthy smell.

Herbivore Phoenix Oil: I recommend this oil to everyone.  When you apply an oil on top of your moisturizer it really helps to lock in the hydration and I really need that for my dry skin.  I love to use this before bed and in the mornings.  If you have oiler skin you can skip the morning but it helps my makeup not dry out throughout the day.

Super Glow: Okay, this serum has changed my life. I reach for this most mornings when I’m looking for a little extra hydration! The hyaluronic acid complex means my skin is hydrated from the inside out, and then of course there’s that Tan-Luxe glow- there’s really nothing else like it.

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Eye Cream: It’s hard for me to tell when an eye cream reallllly works because crows feet aren’t going to just disappear in a week. My main focus is the dark circles under my eye and these 2 creams made a noticeable difference.

Ole Henrikson Banana Bright Eye Cream: This is my AM eye cream – it brightens my dark circles and hydrates my under eye so my makeup goes on smoother. It has a pale yellow tint to instantly brighten and color-correct so it’s perfect for makeup free days too.

La Mer The Eye Concentrate: This is my PM eye cream – it is a thicker consistency and hydrates and plumps my under eye.

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Moisturizer: Everyone has a different moisturizer preference based on their skin type but I love super rich hydrating moisturizers.

Drunk Elephant Retro Lala Whipped: This is the perfect thick moisturizer.  It has ceramides to hydrate and repair your moisture barrier.  The pump is also the perfect surface to mix The Face!

La Mer Creme: This is a dry skin dream.  It is very thick and a little goes a long way.  I think this is a worthy investment because it lasts forever.

A313: I decided to put A313 in the moisturizer category even though it is technically a pomade.  Honestly, this product should have its own category because I haven’t tried anything like it. It is a pharmaceutical-grade vitamin A sold over-the-counter in France and on Amazon in the US! It’s a powerful yet gentle retinol and you will see results with 1 application. Apply it at night and wake up with plump, glowy skin. I have also been applying this to a scar on my body and have seen a DRAMATIC difference in the scar color and texture.

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