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Show your body the same love you do your face with our skincare meets self-tanning inspired formulas, featuring targeted actives to enhance your daily glow. Hydrating, streak-free and totally transfer proof, this is self-tanning meets smart skin science for the ultimate body glow from top to toe.

drop for individualised total glow control

  1. The drops work in synergy with your existing body care regime to transform your favourite moisturizer into a custom self-tanner with firming benefits
  2. The revolutionary dropper system gives you freedom to tailor your tan 
  3. Use morning or evening
  4. The more you drop, the deeper the glow
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self-tan FOR BODY

  • 0000 TanLuxe Hydra Mousse LightMed 200ml Render 348x4640002 Lifestyle Image 348x4640002 Lifestyle Image 348x464

    Hydra Mousse: Tanning Mousse

    Add To Bag£36.00
    Select Shade£36.00
  • 0000 TanLuxe The Water LightMed Render 348x4640003 Texture Image 3 348x4640003 Texture Image 3 348x464

    The Water: Tanning Water

    Add To Bag£34.00
    Select Shade£34.00
  • THE BUNDLE1 348x464Web1 348x464Web1 348x464

    Best Seller Bundle

    Add To Bag£37.00
    Select Shade£37.00
  • UK SUPERSIZED EDIT 348x464Super Edit UK 348x464

    Super Edit Bundle

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