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Love The FACE? You’re going to be obsessed with The BODY. This Tailor-Made Tanning concentrate works in synergy with your existing regime to transform your favourite body treatment into a self-tanner with firming benefits. The revolutionary dropper system allows for total control; the more you drop, the more you glow!



    • 2 drops = radiance
    • 4 drops = sun-kissed
    • 8 drops = golden
    • 12 drops = bronzed


Choose your shade based on your skin-tone, not your desired end-result:

    • Light/Medium: Red/pinkish undertones that burn easily
    • Medium/Dark: Olive/darker tones that tan easily



The highest quality, naturally derived DHA grown in the South of France gives a natural looking glow that’s totally unique to you. With the skin boosting, hydrating properties of Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, plus caffeine-rich Cellutone Complex to stimulate skin firmness.  Formulated at a pH of 4.5 to minimize the traditional self-tan smell.



      • Effortless, custom tanning for the body
      • Tones and firms skin with caffeine
      • Evens skin tone and reduces redness
      • Develops a natural looking, radiant glow in 4-6hrs
      • Works with your existing body care regime
      • No streaks. No smells. No drama



Mix 1-12 drops to your body moisturiser, serum or oil in the palm of your hand and apply evenly over the body. Additional drops = deeper end-result colour. Wash hands thoroughly after application.


Aqua (Water), Dihydroxyacetone, Alcohol Denat. (Alcohol), Glycerin, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Silk, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Polysorbate 80, Erythrulose, Caramel, Xanthan Gum, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Lecithin, Caffeine, Tocopheryl Acetate, Palmitoyl Carnitine, Sodium Hydroxide, Benzoic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Dehydroacetic Acid.


Caution: We advise a patch test 24 hours before use. Do not apply on broken or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes. If reaction occurs, discontinue use/seek medical advice.

Warning: This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin ageing, skin cancer, and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn.

19 reviews for THE BODY

  1. Amanda

    I purchased this off a home shopping network. I have to say it’s awesome. I’ve only used it once, one drop per body part (leg and hands/arms) and the color is perfect. I did it while getting ready for work and I was tan by the time I got there. No streaks and it smells yummy. I wish it was on auto ship.

  2. Hannah Kaemmerer

    Love it..best tanning product I’ve used. Im a pale white chick that can NEVER tan. Tan Luxe gave me a good summer glow that isn’t orange and was great mixed with my essential oils. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. Hello Summer!

  3. Amanda

    I purchased this off a home shopping network. I have to say it’s awesome. I’ve only used it once, one drop per body part (leg and hands/arms) and the color is perfect. I did it while getting ready for work and I was tan by the time I got there. No streaks and it smells yummy. I wish it was on auto ship.

  4. Hannah Kaemmerer

    Love it..best tanning product I’ve used. Im a pale white chick that can NEVER tan. Tan Luxe gave me a good summer glow that isn’t orange and was great mixed with my essential oils. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. Hello Summer!

  5. Peggy Sharon

    I have tried many, many self tanners, salon spray tans, etc. This is so far superior to anything else I have used back to the original Coopertone self tanner in the 1960s. I just used it today for the first time on my legs and the facial serum on my face. I absolutely LOVE both products. No streaks, no orange, just a natural looking tan. Finally, I don’t have to damage my skin to have a glowing tan. Very happy in Kentucky, USA.

  6. Wende

    Easy to apply. nice color though, not as dark as expected. The odor is mild and not near as offensive as others. Will purchase again

  7. Sue Hawkins

    I’ve only just started using this product and from the moment I opened the bottle I could smell the raspberry sead oil, very pleasent. No smelly biscuity smell like some i have used. This is so easy to blend in with my body lotion so I can massage it on thoroughly. Even after a few hours there is still no horrible smell. It’s not a drastic colour change which is great as it means you can build it up daily to the colour you want. It gives a beautiful healthy sunkissed glow. Doesn’t look fake at all and people keep asking if I’ve been on holiday. I will be purchasing this one again!

  8. Trina Duclos

    Bought the body self tan drops from Hsu. Love this product. It was so easy to use. Nice glow to my skin.the price was right. Have tried lots of other self tanners and weren’t very happy with them. Would recommend it to my friends. When I run out would order it again. Thanks for coming up with this product.

  9. Nancy mosser

    And there is nothing like tan luxe. I’ve used a tan bed for years. This tan luxe is beautiful. No more wasting time. Just put it on like they say. I sure wont use any thing any more.i. love love it. I bought ,the med dark. Just try it

  10. Amanda williams

    The best colour no smell no orange just the most gorgeous looking tan and so easy to use who needs holidays!!!!

  11. Julieanne

    I have been so delighted with this product – so easy to use by mixing with my normal body moisturiser, and you only need a few drops so it will last for ages. One of the best things for me is not having any ‘Self-Tan’ smell like so many other brands do, and I love the natural ingredients that are so good for your skin. I’m very fair and this has given me a lovely golden colour without any streaks at all. if that wasn’t good enough, there’s no staining on clothes or bedding so it has 5 Big Gold Stars from me! Fantastic innovation and Well Done to the creator, who I think is Mark – hoping to try the All-in-One Body Cream soon too.

  12. Southern Carolina girl

    These drops are a dream come true. I hate self tanners and the way they smell. Now I can add this to my favorite creams, lotions or oils and apply as much as I want!!!
    The directions are precise and 8 drops will really give you a dark even color. The bottle lasts a very long time too.
    Give it a try – you won’t be sorry. The price seems high but it’s the same as if you purchased several bottles of good tanning lotion which run $25-35.

  13. Jana Scott

    I am a huge fan of the sun & love the sunshine. However, I was diagnosed with serious skin cancers-due to over-exposure of the sun. I had them removed,with scarring. I love the healthy look of beautiful tan skin, & thought I would never enjoy that look again. Another benefit of using tan/luxe products-Gorgeous Skin! After using hundreds of self-tanning products-with bad results- I found tan-luxe! It’s silky smooth & absorbs quickly. The results are fantastic! It’s a golden tan -natural look & your skin drinks it in. You look like you’ve just returned from a tropical island :palm_tree:! This company honors their commitments & product lines. What a rare quality !
    You won’t be disappointed in trying their products.

  14. Marie

    So amazing!!! My favorite self tanner I’ve used yet. Easy and gorgeous!

  15. Kate

    Absolutely love these products! I am obsessed with the sun, and have recently had to have several skin cancers removed. As much as I love laying outside, I’ve had to cut back! These products give you such a nice, natural tan. They 100% don’t look like a self-tanner, don’t smell like it, and absorb perfectly with no streaks. Couldn’t be happier!

  16. Emily

    I was very skeptical at first to try this because of how good the claims were, but let me tell you! This product is amazing. I bought the medium/dark shade yesterday at ulta, applied it not expecting a big different. I woke up this morning very dark and tan. Very pricey product but really worth it for the ingredients, it being scentless, and cutting the self tanning process down and saving you a lot of time.

  17. Adelaide-Rose Carter

    Amazing product once you get used to it.
    I have olive complexion and I’m half asian with yellow undertones. I purchased the medium/dark as I read multiple reviews stating the light/medium doesn’t do anything on slightly tanned skin.
    I had never used a self-tanner before so the idea of a serum that tan’s your skin without leaving stains on white sheets or clothes was a godsend. Also, the normal smell of fake tan is SO off putting in my opinion so I’m glad Tan Luxe has developed a more current and appealing product. Initially, the scent is fruity/tropical. Once applied, you have a slight fake tan scent.
    Here’s my system- have a shower at NIGHT and exfoliate your body. The reason I don’t do it in the morning is 1) bras and tight jeans will rub the serum and you’ll get darks spots between boobs, knees etc and 2) you’ll sweat and smell like fake tan during the day and the result won’t be as even.
    I use a ratio of 2 pumps of neutral moisturiser (anything will do, but I like Aveeno) to 5 drops serum. That’s enough to cover 1 leg or 2 arms or front torso or back. I also just use my bare hands, but moisturise your hands first, it acts as a barrier so the serum doesn’t sink in. Once you’ve done your whole body, I wash my palms vigorously in warm soapy water, but only rub the bottom so the top stays tanned. Then I use an astringent on a makeup pad or just alcohol wipes (strong toner, etc- anything with alcohol) and go over your palms and top of your wrist VERY thoroughly. Then I sleep in loose clothes. Try to do this at least two hours before bedtime so the serum dries completely before getting in to bed.

    The next morning, you’re tanned and glowing and ready to go. I have another shower that morning so the smell is all gone. Just remember to moisturise everyday to maintain. I usually repeat this process once a week but I’ve also done twice a week which is fine.
    5 drops for me created a sunkissed, deep caramel tan- like a one day in Bali result. I could do more, like 6 or 7 drops but I’ll wait until Summer. I would start with 3 and work your way up.
    I have had some awkward results of super dark patches in between my fingers, and on my toes and ankles so just be careful with these areas and do them last when there’s minimal product on your hands.
    I also don’t apply this to my face, I stop application at my jawline. I use alpha H acids and serums, which would drastically alter the result anyway. It’s perfectly fine to have a lighter face than body and nothing a five minute application of your summer foundation can’t fix.

    That’s all folks.

  18. Autumn

    Love this product! I’ve used tanning beds, self tanners, and salon spray tans for years, and this beats them all!

  19. Grace H

    Love it. Perfect option for me during winter and even during summer- no need to lay out by the pool all day and fry. Make sure to rub in thoroughly, especially on hands, ankles & feet. I use 4 drops per arm and leg every 2-3 days. Does not look orange if you rub in all the way!

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