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The Body

Illuminating Self-Tan Drops


The Body is a revolutionary tailor-made tanning system that works in synergy with your existing body care routine, transforming your favourite moisturiser into a custom self-tanner with firming benefits. 



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21 reviews for The Body

  1. Hannah Kaemmerer

    Love it..best tanning product I’ve used. Im a pale white chick that can NEVER tan. Tan Luxe gave me a good summer glow that isn’t orange and was great mixed with my essential oils. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. Hello Summer!

  2. Hannah Kaemmerer

    Love it..best tanning product I’ve used. Im a pale white chick that can NEVER tan. Tan Luxe gave me a good summer glow that isn’t orange and was great mixed with my essential oils. LOVE LOVE LOVE.. Hello Summer!

  3. Peggy Sharon

    I have tried many, many self tanners, salon spray tans, etc. This is so far superior to anything else I have used back to the original Coopertone self tanner in the 1960s. I just used it today for the first time on my legs and the facial serum on my face. I absolutely LOVE both products. No streaks, no orange, just a natural looking tan. Finally, I don’t have to damage my skin to have a glowing tan. Very happy in Kentucky, USA.

  4. Wende

    Easy to apply. nice color though, not as dark as expected. The odor is mild and not near as offensive as others. Will purchase again

  5. Sue Hawkins

    I’ve only just started using this product and from the moment I opened the bottle I could smell the raspberry sead oil, very pleasent. No smelly biscuity smell like some i have used. This is so easy to blend in with my body lotion so I can massage it on thoroughly. Even after a few hours there is still no horrible smell. It’s not a drastic colour change which is great as it means you can build it up daily to the colour you want. It gives a beautiful healthy sunkissed glow. Doesn’t look fake at all and people keep asking if I’ve been on holiday. I will be purchasing this one again!

  6. Trina Duclos

    Bought the body self tan drops from Hsu. Love this product. It was so easy to use. Nice glow to my skin.the price was right. Have tried lots of other self tanners and weren’t very happy with them. Would recommend it to my friends. When I run out would order it again. Thanks for coming up with this product.

  7. Nancy mosser

    And there is nothing like tan luxe. I’ve used a tan bed for years. This tan luxe is beautiful. No more wasting time. Just put it on like they say. I sure wont use any thing any more.i. love love it. I bought ,the med dark. Just try it

  8. Julieanne

    I have been so delighted with this product – so easy to use by mixing with my normal body moisturiser, and you only need a few drops so it will last for ages. One of the best things for me is not having any ‘Self-Tan’ smell like so many other brands do, and I love the natural ingredients that are so good for your skin. I’m very fair and this has given me a lovely golden colour without any streaks at all. if that wasn’t good enough, there’s no staining on clothes or bedding so it has 5 Big Gold Stars from me! Fantastic innovation and Well Done to the creator, who I think is Mark – hoping to try the All-in-One Body Cream soon too.

  9. Southern Carolina girl

    These drops are a dream come true. I hate self tanners and the way they smell. Now I can add this to my favorite creams, lotions or oils and apply as much as I want!!!
    The directions are precise and 8 drops will really give you a dark even color. The bottle lasts a very long time too.
    Give it a try – you won’t be sorry. The price seems high but it’s the same as if you purchased several bottles of good tanning lotion which run $25-35.

  10. Jana Scott

    I am a huge fan of the sun & love the sunshine. However, I was diagnosed with serious skin cancers-due to over-exposure of the sun. I had them removed,with scarring. I love the healthy look of beautiful tan skin, & thought I would never enjoy that look again. Another benefit of using tan/luxe products-Gorgeous Skin! After using hundreds of self-tanning products-with bad results- I found tan-luxe! It’s silky smooth & absorbs quickly. The results are fantastic! It’s a golden tan -natural look & your skin drinks it in. You look like you’ve just returned from a tropical island :palm_tree:! This company honors their commitments & product lines. What a rare quality !
    You won’t be disappointed in trying their products.

  11. Marie

    So amazing!!! My favorite self tanner I’ve used yet. Easy and gorgeous!

  12. Kate

    Absolutely love these products! I am obsessed with the sun, and have recently had to have several skin cancers removed. As much as I love laying outside, I’ve had to cut back! These products give you such a nice, natural tan. They 100% don’t look like a self-tanner, don’t smell like it, and absorb perfectly with no streaks. Couldn’t be happier!

  13. Emily

    I was very skeptical at first to try this because of how good the claims were, but let me tell you! This product is amazing. I bought the medium/dark shade yesterday at ulta, applied it not expecting a big different. I woke up this morning very dark and tan. Very pricey product but really worth it for the ingredients, it being scentless, and cutting the self tanning process down and saving you a lot of time.

  14. Autumn

    Love this product! I’ve used tanning beds, self tanners, and salon spray tans for years, and this beats them all!

  15. Grace H

    Love it. Perfect option for me during winter and even during summer- no need to lay out by the pool all day and fry. Make sure to rub in thoroughly, especially on hands, ankles & feet. I use 4 drops per arm and leg every 2-3 days. Does not look orange if you rub in all the way!

  16. Emily Reeve

    I love this tan! It’s so easy to apply and just melts into your skin with any moisturiser you already use. For me, I notice a developing smell but it’s nothing compared to others. I truly love it!

  17. emily

    I have never been a professional at tanning, but these drops make it easier. I always go flakey, have dry skin and it never ends up looking good with streaks and all… but the drops save me every time! i like to use the dark where i’m a fair, olive skinned young adult with rosacea. it gives me the perfect summer holiday look in a tiny little bottle. i will forever cherish this!! i am trying out the tanning water tonight but these drops are my holy grail. use them with a lighter body lotion though as they already are hydrating and will end up taking forever to dry!

  18. Reymen

    One of the best tans so far. The colour is very nice. Unfortunately the tan only last for about 2 days. The smell is not that bad but you still have this typical self tan smell after a few hours

  19. K

    I don’t know why there isn’t more reviews on this site but I HAD to write one! I’m not really a fake tan kinda gal but with lockdown, I just didn’t want to look ill so had a look around and tried a few self tan drops, looked orange AF and then saw tan luxe & oh my days.
    The Face & The Body is AMAZING! I’ve tried a few other brands like paradise island etc and I just come out so orange its gross. But Lux Tan. You can add it to any moisturiser, I usually add a few drops in every evening or every other day. And it’s great because if you’re unsure you can use like 1-2 drops then build up a drop or two a day until you know how many you need for the perfect tan every. single. time. .
    It’s kept me looking hella bronzed during lockdown and one of the best brands I’ve ever used. I’ve even been using it on my boyfriend (under protest) but even he’s looking golden. I wouldn’t trust or use anything else after trying these!! Yay!

  20. Dulce A.

    Honestly it worked for me!!! I’m so happy with my glow. I’m Mexican and I have a medium tan skin tone, so I used the Medium/Dark droplets because I wanted an extra boost of color for those dreary winter days. I bought this at my local ULTA and didn’t expect it to work, but I am so pleasantly surprised.

    I rubbed 4-5 drops into my Jergens lotion and I did indeed see a beautiful glow—as if I was tanning the day before at the beach!!! I also experimented and mixed it into my skin frosting from Ari Rose Body Care, which made it extra oily lol, but it still left me smooth and tan. Admittedly, I used 3 drops for my face as well and it worked perfectly fine; no breakouts to report, which is a big deal for me because my skin is sensitive and anything seems to make me breakout these days (thanks stress).

    Sure, it doesn’t last forever (my glow lasted 2-3 days), but that’s the point of a tanner that you have to keep applying. There’s a bit of a strong scent when using it, but it goes away the morning after (I use it at night after shaving and/or exfoliating with a pink salt scrub from Amazon). HUGE BONUS: no stains on my white sheets!

    Products like these are different for each skin type/person so just use with an open mind.

  21. Georgina

    I have the face drops and am obsessed. I never fake tan my body as I can’t deal with the smell and the stain on clothes etc. I was desperate to find something that gave me a tan in the pale winter months without unpleasantries of regular fake tan. This is it…! This is the only tan I will ever use to tan my body. I just apply a few drops on my chest/arms and rub in with my regular moisturizer and I finally don’t look ghostly white!! It’s incredibly natural and doesn’t stink or stain clothes. It basically doesn’t feel like a fake tan. Tan luxe is the only tan brand I will ever use from now on.

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