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Q: How do I tan my hands?

A: Let’s jump in…

So, why are hands so tough to tackle when tanning?

As you may have noticed over the course of this seemingly never-ending winter: Our. Hands. Are. Dry.

Personally, I liken the texture of mine to that of sandpaper, that’s when I’m not religiously applying hand cream every other second. So, it comes as little surprise that when we apply tan to these areas, which crave moisture (feet, elbows and knees – we’re also lookin’ at you here), they absorb it more quickly, leading to uneven texture or tone. On the other hand (geddit?), sometimes these hand-tan-troubles can simply be a case of too much product/too little blending OR applying tan after a few glasses of wine at 1am.

SO, without further ado- we present to you, our absolutely watertight, 3 step guide to making sure your hand-tan is flawless every single time. The key really is to keep your hands hydrated, & apply product sparingly. The key really is to keep your hands hydrated, & apply product sparingly.

Follow these steps and you’ll be golden, baby!

STEP 1 – Apply a layer of moisturiser to hands pre-application. This hydrates your hands, and acts as a barrier so they don’t absorb too much product.

STEP 2 – Apply product as normal using your hands or a mitt, washing thoroughly after application.

STEP 3 – Finally, re-moisturise hands & sweep them across the backs of your arms or tanning mitt to pick up any residual product. If you’re using a tanning water, it’s also great to use 1 spray on one hand, and blend out across both- you’re wanting a little sweep of colour- the end-result shouldn’t be noticeably darker than your body.

It’s that easy! Any more questions? Head over to our Instagram and let our team know which tanning queries you’d like us to address next…


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