SUPERpowered sun protection is here.

Meet Super Glow SPF 30.

So, just what exactly is Super Glow SPF 30?

It’s the newest member of our Super Glow Family. Think your favourite skin-loving self-tanner with the added protection of a broad spectrum SPF 30, for SUPER-smart sun protection that leaves skin GLOWING!!

It’s really the best of both worlds- you can apply your favourite hydrating, self-tan serum knowing that it’s protecting your skin from harmful sun exposure as well as the effects of bluelight and photoaging.

That’s because for the first time EVER, we’ve combined hyaluronic acid, superfood ingredients and a gradual glow with broad spectrum SPF 30…

Let’s talk SPF…

Now, I’m sure we don’t need to tell you just HOW important it is to be using SPF every. single. day.

Our Founder, Marc Elrick, has always said that there’s no point in spending money on skincare if you’re not wearing SPF; the anti-ageing benefits really do speak volumes.

So let’s take a deeper dive into the importance of SPF. There are 2 main types of rays which cause damage to our skin, UVA & UVB:

  •   UVA: This is the most important one to shield your skin from. This ray is what ages you, as it penetrates deeply into the skin. A lack of protection causes mutations in cells and can also lead to collagen break down. Now please note, this ray CAN & DOES penetrate through both clouds AND glass- which is why it’s so important to be applying SPF daily, whether you’re inside or out.
  •   UVB – This is the ray that causes the skin to tan and ultimately burn

So when we say Super Glow SPF 30 offers you broad spectrum protection, we really mean that it’s shielding you from both of these damaging rays, which is a major win for your skin.

It also shields from the damaging effects of blue light pollution & photoaging. The SPF is a chemical complex of 4 SPF agents Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate, Octocrylene and is reef safe as well as free from mineral oils and silicones.

Wait… what’s a chemical sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreens protect by penetrating deeper into the epidermis, soaking up the UV rays, transforming them into heat and releasing them from the body.

The benefits of chemical sunscreens are numerous- they’re much better for drier skin types because they don’t contain mineral filters, which sit on top of the skin and can be quite thick and drying.

That means they’re MUCH more lightweight, leaving absolutely no white cast. This makes Super Glow SPF 30 much more comparable to your favourite skincare serum than your typical sunscreen.

When a chemical sunscreen is combined with the ultra-hydrating, nourishing benefits of our Super Glow base- you can actually skip out on your regular moisturiser. This is perfect if you find your skin slightly oiler in the summer, and prefer to swap in more lightweight products.

Is this a skincare product? An SPF? A self-tanner?

We actually say that Super Glow SPF gives you the benefits of 5 skin essentials, in 1 bottle! At Tan-Luxe, all products are created with skincare in mind first, so formulating with SPF has been a really exciting innovation, one that we’ve worked really hard to get right. This really is the cumulation of years of hard work, allowing us to combine daily sun protection with a daily gradual glow. This is your serum, your moisturiser, primer, self-tanner AND SPF all in one bottle.

Three bottles of Tan Luxe Super Glow SPF 30

Is it the same formulation as Super Glow?

As with the Super Glow products you know and love, you’re getting a formula that’s both lightweight and non-greasy. Super Glow SPF melts onto skin leaving it with a velvety finish- think, a really luxe primer. Plus, it’s boosted with SUPER hyaluronic acid to provide all day hydration and deliver dewier, plumper looking skin from first use.

Our complex of antioxidant rich superfoods like Raspberry Seed Oil & Avocado work to further limit the impact of daily aggressors, while brightening and nourishing the complexion.

Again, with just the right percentage of tanning actives (4% DHA) for daily use; apply each morning as a hydrating, SPF base for healthy, protected skin that keeps on GLOWING.

What people love about our Super Glow family, is that these serums really are skincare first with the benefit of a subtle gradual glow. It’s a product ANYONE & EVERYONE can use and reap benefits that build from first use.

Prep, Protect, Hydrate, Glow

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