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The Water

Hydrating Self-Tan Water


Hydrate, invigorate and refresh your complexion with this totally transparent, vitamin-infused self-tanning water.



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9 reviews for The Water

  1. Margaret martin

    I purchased this product as I’m a pale freckle skin type not to mention the old age word I’m 58 years old with dry skin & age spots ! I’ve tried most fake tans from reasonably priced to more expensive brands & each & everyone looked flakey & drying on the pigmented areas of my skin & the fading has been awful on these areas ! I decided to purchase this as it was stated as hydrating & WOW my skin felt amazing on first application soft nourishing & silky soft that I kept touching my arms & legs to feel the silkyness my skin had become with a fresh aroma it was a pleasure to feel naturally sun kissed without looking fake baked  I’m wondering if the gradual tan would be able to top or be at least luxurious as this product on the older skin throughout the winter months when I’m so paley wally & like a dried prune 

  2. Christina

    I love The Water! It’s light, refreshing and smells gorgeous! Not only that, it’s so easy to apply and you get a really even coverage. I have and love all of the Tan-Luxe products but in terms of tanning the body this has to be my favourite. I was concerned at first about if it would be hydrating enough to use instead of my usual body lotion (with or without The Body drops) or The Gradual but it definitely is and it’s so refreshing during this brief spell of warmer weather we are having at the moment. It’s gorgeous to use as a body product before you even take into account that is gives a gorgeous glow! It’s really easy to build up in layers during one application too (leaving it to dry in between, which it does very quickly!) so I can match my pale legs up with the rest of my body. I can’t rave enough about this product, it’s a definite must-have from the Tan-Luxe line and a great place to start if you’re new to self-tanning!

  3. Lindsey Forde

    I am very pale skinned and burn easily in the sun so can never have a natural tan, until now! Amazing product, I was initially drawn to this as it contains vitamins B5, C and E and the absolute sublime smelling raspberry seed oil so knew it would not dry my skin. From the first application I loved it, it smells Devine, goes on super easy thanks to the fine mist, and dries super quick. By the time I get to my arms my legs are already dry! I first started with the light colour which gave a lovely light tan to my skin, ideal for us paler girls or for over winter when you need just a hint of colour, I now use the medium colour, just one application gives me a gorgeous sun kissed, streak free natural colour, which I would never be able to achieve from the sun. I have lots of compliments and friends have ordered as they are so impressed that such a pale skinned girl like me can have a streak free, sunkissed glow. Don’t hesitate to buy, my tan sorted for years to come!

  4. Claire

    Easy to apply
    Great colour results
    No smelly smell
    Awesome product

  5. Barbara

    BEST TANNING LINE EVER. I’ve dreamt about coming across a tanner like this… now it’s a reality.

  6. Steph

    Love this product, I have been applying after the shower before I go to bed all over my body and literally takes 2 minutes! I also spritz it over my face and wake up looking great. Also love that is is clear, no horrible stained white bras and white tees!

  7. Morgan

    Bought on QVC, it’s become one of my best self tanner ! The smell is pretty good (even if it is a bit girly for me as man) and it doesnt turn to typical self-tanner scent after applied all over my body. It dry pretty fast and it is very moisturizing with natural ingredients, what is to ask more !?
    But the best results in the way of use, i applied after my skincare routine without being obligated to change or report your routine.

    I use it also for add an extra tan after my dark self tan starting to fade away because even with this one in medium shade, it isnt dark enought for me and i have to applied 2 coats to get a decent tan, or fresh my face during the day (but be careful)

  8. Dakota

    I absolutely love this stuff! I’m a pale/freckle skinned girl and for some reason my arms, legs and torso tan, but my face, neck, and chest don’t. Even after they burn they just go back to pale lol. So I use this stuff just on those areas and it matches/blends perfectly with the tan on the rest of my body! I’ve been using this for a few months and it lasts forever. I probably reapply it every 3 or 4 days to keep the sun kissed look (I wash my face twice a day so it fades quick). I put it on after a night time shower and go to bed. Wake up with glowing skin! If I forget at night, I can also put it on in the morning and wear it under makeup, but I do t prefer this because my neck and chest feel sticky. Also, I have very VERY sensitive skin and this stuff doesn’t irritate it at all 🙂 recommend for all of us pale girls and guys!

  9. Georgia Armstrong

    doesn’t streak, the only tan I have used that doesn’t smell and it never transfers onto clothing. Lasts for a long time too and does not clog up my pores etc. Only tan bran worth investing in in my opinion.

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