Introducing skincare for the body.

This is the World’s first hyaluronic, superfood self-tanning serum which works hard to hydrate, plump, & rejuvenate skin- basically showing the same love you show to your face everyday- for your body.

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So the key feature of Super Glow Body is our signature Hyaluronic Acid Complex- which you may recognise from our bestselling Super Glow Face Serum.

This complex combines both a high weight Hyaluronic Acid & extremely low molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate to achieve hydration binding across multiple layers of the skin. This enables multi-level, lasting hydration & minimises trans-epidermal water loss- basically the gold standard in skin hydration! The benefits begin from your very first application- and build with continued use- so it works over time to improve the look and feel of skin- read more about Hyaluronic Acid here.

When it comes to applying Super Glow Body, we wanted this to be all about the easy, drama-free process. The smooth pump applicator makes application a breeze, so you can apply morning or night, every single day or just once per week- whatever works with your routine.

Super Glow Body serum being applied to fingers

The formulation is so lightweight and spreadable- it melts right into the skin- so a little truly does go a long way. Just apply directly to skin as you would with your moisturiser or body serum- remembering to wash your hands afterwards! We’ve included the perfect percentage of DHA which means you can use daily-  for the most perfect, SUPER subtle glow.

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Now it’s not just hyaluronic acid & the gradual glow which make Super Glow Body amazing… This *is* a body serum after all, so we wanted firming benefits in there- hence the addition of caffeine which smooths out skin. We’ve also packed it full of 7 amazing superfood ingredients to nourish & brighten the skin, there’s:

  • Chia Seed Oil
  • Beetroot Extract
  • Raspberry Seed Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Kale Extract
  • Blueberry Extract
  • Coconut Oil

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When we first launched Super Glow Body at Sephora 2 weeks ago, it sold out within 24 hours; so we were so excited to bring this SUPER launch to our site

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